Đã đến thời điểm các em học sinh lớp 6 bước vào kỳ thi giữa kỳ học kỳ I năm học 2021 - 2022. Kỳ học onl chắc hẳn khiến các em gặp không ít trắc trở trong việc học và thi cử. Hiểu được điều đó Newshop tổng hợp các đề ôn tập giữa kỳ I Tiếng Anh 6 nhằm giúp các em học tập hiệu quả và đạt kết quả cao trong kỳ thi này. 

Ôn tập giữa kỳ I Tiếng Anh 6 - Đề cương ôn tập giữa kỳ 1 tiếng anh 6

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Ôn tập giữa kỳ I Tiếng Anh 6 - Bài tập ôn tập có đáp án

Bên cạnh hệ thống kiến thức, các công thức tiếng anh 6 giữa kỳ I, Newshop cũng tổng hợp thêm một số bài tập ứng dụng, đề thi giữa kỳ 1 tiếng anh 6 để giúp các em ôn tập tốt. 

I. Find the word which has a different sound in the underlined part.

1. A. come

B. month

C. mother

D. open

2. A. hope

B. homework

C. one

D. post

3. A. brother

B. judo

C. going

D. rode

4. A. cities

B. watches

C. dishes

D. houses

5. A. grandparents

B. brothers

C. uncles

D. fathers

6. A. books

B. walls

C. rooms

D. pillows

7. A. finger

B. leg

C. neck

D. elbow

8. A. writes

B. makes

C. takes

D. drives

9. A. request

B. project

C. neck

D. exciting

10. A. Thursday

B. thanks

C. these

D. birthday

II. Find which word does not belong to each group.

1. A. toilet                B. library            C. kitchen            D. bedrooms

2. A. sofa                B. dishwasher     C. cupboard       D. sink

3. A. apartment       B. villa                C. silt house        D. hotel

4. A. attic                 B. apartment      C. kitchen           D. living room

5. A. television        B. cook               C. fridge              D. cooker


III. Choose the best answer (A, B, C or D).

1. There are two lights ______ the ceiling.

A. in

B. at

C. on

D. between


2. There ______ four chairs and a table ______ the middle of the room.

A. are – in

B. are – at

C. is – on

D. is – in


3. They are moving ______ a new apartment ______ the city centre soon.

A. at – at

B. from – in

C. to – in

D. to – from


4. There are some dirty dishes ______ the floor.

A. on

B. with

C. in

D. for


5. My bedroom is ______ the bathroom.

A. under

B. in

C. on

D. next to


6. There aren’t any pillows ______ the bed.

A. from

B. on

C. behind

D. in front of


7. Can you ______ me the book, please?

A. move

B. pass

C. have

D. turn


8. Nga is ______the phone, chatting ______ friends.

A. on – to

B. on – on

C. to – with

D. to – to


9. My best friend is kind and ______ . He often makes me laugh.

A. funny

B. nice

C. shy

D. boring


10. The film is very ______ and we can’t see all of it.

A. Wonderful

B. easy

C. exciting

D. boring


11. The summer camp is for students ______ between 10 and 15.

A. age

B. aged

C. aging

D. ages


12. Mary has ______ hair and big ______ eyes.

A. blonde, small

B. a black, blue

C. blonde, blue

D. black, long


13. Next summer, I am working as a ______ teacher in a village near Hoa Binh city.

A. volunteer

B. nice

C. good

D. favourite


14. She is always ______ at school and helps other students with their homework.

A. hard

B. hardly

C. hard-working

D. work hard


15. Our class is going to ______ a picnic at the zoo on Saturday. Would you like to come with us?

A. have

B. take

C. pass

D. go


16. It’s ______ to go home. It’s so late.

A. now

B. sure

C. time

D. like


17. Please turn ______ the lights. The room is so dark.

A. in

B. on

C. off

D. at


18. At break time, I go to the library and ______ books.

A. go

B. read

C. play

D. listen


19. Listen! Someone ______ at the door.

A. knock

B. knocks

C. is knocking

D. are knocking


20. Nam ______football now. He’s tired.

A. doesn’t play

B. plays

C. is playing

D. isn’t playing


21. We are excited ______ the first day of school.

A. at

B. with

C. about

D. in


22. My parents often help me ______ my homework.

A. at

B. with

C. about

D. in


23. I am having a math lesson but I forgot my ______. I have some difficulties.

A. calculator

B. bike

C. pencil case

D. pencil sharpener


24. In the afternoon, students ______ many interesting clubs.

A. join

B. do

C. play

D. read


25. School ______at 4.30 p.m every day.

A. finish

B. finishes

C. go

D. have


IV. Complete the sentences with the Present simple or the Present continuous form of the verbs.

1. They often (visit) their parents in the holidays.

2. We (speak) French at the moment.

3. I (watch) TV about 3 hours a day.

4. My family usually (go) to the movies on Sunday.

5. Look at the girl! She (ride) a horse.

6. We (play) tennis now.

7. Minh sometimes (practise) the guitar in his room.

8. you (like) chocolate ice cream?

9. I really (like) cooking.

10. Hung can’t answer the phone because he (take) a shower.


V. Fill in each blank with a suitable verb.

1. She _____ an oval face.

2. - _____ Mai’s hair long or short? - It _____ short.

3. He _____ tall and thin.

4. Toan ______ an athlete. He ______ very strong.

5. Ngan ______ short black hair.

6. What color ______ those bikes?

7. What color ______ Nam’s eyes?

8. What ______ those?


VI. Complete the passage with a suitable preposition.

We have English lessons (1)_____ Room 12. There are 24 tables for students and one desk for the teacher. (2)_____ the walls, there are dots of posters of England. There’s a cupboard at the front of the room and (3)_____ the cupboard, there is a TV and DVD player. Sometimes we watch films. There are some bookshelves (4)_____ the classroom. (5)_____  the shelves, there are a lot of English books. Our books are (6)_____ the teacher’s desk. He wants to look at our homework. Our school bags are (7) _____ the floor, and there is some food (8)_____ the school bags. It’s now 5.30 pm. We are (9)_____ home, but our teacher is (10)_____ school. He often stays late to prepare for tomorrow’s lessons.


VII. Reorder the words.

1. city / beautiful / a / Ho Chi Minh / is. ...................................................................................

2. green fields / there / are....................................................................................

3. dog / it’s / friendly / a ...................................................................................

4. student / Minh / new / a/ is. ...................................................................................

5. television / big / a / there’s. ...................................................................................

6. new / four / there / cars / are. ...................................................................................

7. are / two / pizzas / there / big ...................................................................................

8. ten / are / desks / small / there. ...................................................................................



I. Find the word which has a different sound in the underlined part.

1 - D; 2 - C; 3 - A; 4 - A; 5 - A;

6 - A; 7 - A; 8 - D; 9 - C; 10 - C;


II. Find which word does not belong to each group.

1 - B; 2 - B; 3 - D; 4 - B; 5 - B;


III. Choose the best answer (A, B, C or D).

1 - C; 2 - A; 3 - C; 4 - A; 5 - D;

6 - B; 7 - B; 8 - A; 9 - A; 10 - D;

11 - B; 12 - C; 13 - A; 14 - C; 15 - A;

16 - C; 17 - B; 18 - B; 19 - C; 20 - D;

21 - C; 22 - A; 23 - A; 24 - A; 25 - B;


IV. Complete the sentences with the Present simple or the Present continuous form of the verbs.

1 - visit; 2 - are speaking; 3 - watch; 4 - goes; 5 - is riding;

6 - are playing; 7 - practises; 8 - Do you like; 9 - like; 10 - is taking;


V. Fill in each blank with a suitable verb.

1 - has; 2 - Is - is; 3 - is; 4 - is - is;

5 - has; 6 - are; 7 - are; 8 - are;


VI. Complete the passage with a suitable preposition.

1 - in; 2 - on; 3 - on; 4 - in; 5 - On;

6 - on; 7 - on; 8 - in; 9 - at; 10 - at;


VII. Reorder the words.

1 - Ho Chi Minh is a beautiful city.

2 - There are green fields.

3 - It's a friendly dog.

4 - Minh is a new student.

5 - There's a big television.

6 - There are four new cars.

7 - There are two big pizzas.

8 - There are ten small desks.


Đề thi giữa kỳ I lớp 6 môn tiếng anh 2021 - 2022 - Đề thi thử

I. Choose the words whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others in each group

1. A. cover

B. go

C. flow

D. so

2. A. flow

B. love

C. stone

D. November

3. A. summer

B. sun

C. glue

D. shut

4. A. slowly

B. foam

C. cover

D. home

5. A. blood

B. shoot

C. shut

D. flood

Đáp án: 1. A; 2. B; 3. C; 4. C; 5. B

II. Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.

1. I sometimes ________ to the cinema.

A. go

B. goes

C. going

D. to go

2. John ________much better now.

A. feel

B. feels

C. feeling

D. is feeling

3. I ________football every weekend.

A. study

B. have

C. play

D. do

4. She ________English at the moment.

A. study

B. is studying

C. studies

D. studying

5. She is ________hard for her A levels.

A. having

B. playing

C. studying

D. doing

6. I always ________a cooked breakfast.

A. have

B. do

C. play

D. study

7. She ________to be an architect.

A. study

B. studies

C. studying

D. is studying

8. I ________a one-hour lunch break.

A. play

B. have

C. do

D. study

9. I’m ________physics, biology and chemistry.

A. playing

B. having

C. doing

D. going

10. Do you want to ________cards with me?

A. play

B. come

C. have

D. learn

11. Listening to music is one of the most popular leisure ________.

A. kindergarten

B. activities

C. hobby

D. equipments

12. My son is just 2 years old and he is in _______ now.

A. kindergarten

B. overseas

C. high school

D. secondary school

13. I don't like to ________ money from friends.

A. pay

B. knock

C. borrow

D. help

14. We only have time for a snack at ________.

A. lunch

B. gym

C. meals

D. break time

15. Do you know where our new ________ is? Our teacher wants to meet him.

A. poem

B. classmate

C. swimming pool

D. gym

Đáp án:

1. A

2. B

3. C

4. B

5. C

6. A

7. B

8. B

9. B

10. A

11. B

12. A

13. C

14. D

15. B


III. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form

1. She (walk)___________ to school every morning.

2. They (learn) _____________ how to use the lawnmower in the garden at the moment.

3. Linda (go) ______________to the supermarket to buy some sugar.

4. Sometimes I (feel) _________________________ really lazy to do anything.

5. Phong and I now (study) _________________________ English in my room.

Đáp án:

1. Walks

2. Are learning

3. Goes

4. Feel

5. Are now studying

IV. Complete the text. Use the present simple.

My best friend

My best friend is Hannah. She (1. live) ______ next door to me. We (2. go) ______ to the same school but we are in different classes.

I (3. walk) ______ to school but Hannah (4. go) ______ by bike, because she always (5. get up) ______ late. After school we (6. finish) _____ our homework first, then we (7. listen) ______to our favourite music. I (8. like) ______ R&B, but Hannah (9.hate) ______ it. She (10. think) ______ it’s boring. She (11. love) ______rock music.

Đáp án:

1. Lives

2. go

3. walk

4. goes

5. Gets up

6. finish

7. listen

8. like

9. hates

10. thinks

11. loves

V. Add “is, are, a, an, some, any” to make a correct sentence.

Ex: There/pencil/ in/ the/ box.

There is a pencil in the box.

1. There/ book/ on/ the table.


2. There/ shoes/ under/ the chair.


3. There/ not/ TV/ in/ his room.


4. There/ not/ pens/ on/ my desk.


5. There/ boy/ behind/ that tree.


6. There/ girls/ in front of/ the house.


7. There/ not/ telephone/ in her office.


Đáp án:

1. There is a book on the table.

2. There are some shoes under the chair.

3. There is not any TV in his room.

4. There are not any pens on my desk.

5. There is a boy behind the tree.

1. There are some girls in front of the house.

7. There is not any telephone in her office.

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